Monday, August 21, 2006

My Macintosh is swimming!

After a period of busyness and multiple distractions, I have finally finished pimping my Macintosh Plus into a working aquarium with three goldfish.

Last night, I search around for some spare album covers to use for a background against the case... but went the lazy route and used three sheets of greenish stationary paper of a garden background. I'll have to search for some art that will give the background a more visual "pop".

I decided to go cheap on the budget by seeing how these .29 cents goldfish do before I go full tilt boogie with the pumps, filter and more exotic and expensive fish. I make the goldfish sound like they're the lower end of the food chain, so I'm sorry if any fish aficionados are offended. At the least, there are no cats present!

Once the tank was filled with rocks and water, the computer case was heavy to move! The front casing was hard to put back on because of the bowing on the bottom of the shell from the weight.

I'll probably build another one shortly since I have the glass, three more Macintoshs and the know how to assemble another one quickly.

Overall, it was fun and relatively easy to build. $25.00 for the glass, $10.00 for the silicon glue, recycling an old Macintosh and my time was all it took! I just knew that twenty two years later, these Macs would be useful!


Part One
Part Two
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1 comment: said...

That's so cool, Kerry! I had a Mac SE in college. Great little computer. No idea where it is now or what happened to it. What a great thing to use it for. Or part of it, that is.