Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More wedding photos!

Megan Smith, a sweetheart and Megan's Bridesmaid just uploaded a full set of photos over at Photobucket! Thanks (and happy birthday!)

Here's the link Chris & Megan - Photobucket

Megan & Megan:

and some other choice photos:

Megan & Chris at the rehearsal BBQ feast...

Chris's proud parents - Jeffrey & Julie Corley (Mr & Mrs WonderDawg really like them!)

Maid of Honor Katie Moore & Best Man Beau Sherman (they all rock!)

The Bridesmaid: Ashley Hobbs, Amanda Synder, Katie Moore (Maid of Honor), Megan Smith.

Chris' Posse: Chad Shumpert, Ben Walker, Best Man Beau Sherman, Caleb Weathersby.

After meeting Chris & Megan's wedding party, I can say without hesitation - "Youth is NOT wasted on the young." Knowing that Chris and Megan are surrounded by awesome friends and a great support system in Columbia, SC truly blesses me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Announcing the Corley - Woo Wedding!

Every parent dreams of wanting nothing but the best for their children. The DNA that our Creator forms in the belly of their mother's womb blossoms forth into their destiny. Then the day comes when our sons and daughters grow up and leave the care of their mother and father to their mate.

God has been gracious to Becky and I. Our son Gary and Nora Bennett were married this June of 2007 and now, daughter Megan to Chris Corley September 22, 2007.

Here's a look of the wedding ceremony at Maggiano's Restaurant:

More to come via the Flickr set!

I'll update this post with more photos - there are 700 plus to draw from, so I'll post several different sets!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Back from Seattle Focused and Synced

I just got back from Seattle as a guest of Ford and Microsoft to test drive the new 2008 Ford Focus and Ford Sync. Developed by Microsoft and Ford Motor Company, the Sync allows drivers the convenience to use in the vehicle nearly any Bluetooth mobile phone or music player such as the iPod or Zune using voice commands or the vehicle's steering wheel.

Very impressive technology - could be the killer app in merging one's content into a complete mobile package. More later...

I'll be reviewing the Ford Sync, the redesigned Ford Focus and some thoughts on the Microsoft Home of the Future over at GearDiary next week.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wedding Day approaches!

Many of you know that I'm crazy about my family - My son Gary was recented married to Nora Bennett in June and now this weekend, daughter Megan is marrying Chris Corley. I'm excited about extending the tribe of inlaws and new circles of blood.

So much has been going on that I hope to catch a breather and return to my regular routine very soon. The fifties have been very challenging aka S _ _ K S, so I appreciate the bright spots.

The geekness in me appreciates this cake:

Mrs. WonderDawg opted for the more traditional cake.

Link: Geeky Cake

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where Have I Been?

People have asked me in one form or another, "Dude, seriously, where have you been? No tweets, photos, blogs... wassup?"

I shall return - suffice it to say, I've been living the eight steps to life plan.

Courtesy of Savage Chickens