Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ronald and the clowns at McDonalds

Ordered 5 bacon egg biscuits; got 5 sausage biscuits instead...

Ronald is not the only clown working at McDonalds this morning. Dude!

Friday, May 30, 2008

What Work Looks Like...

Last week I was in Louisville, KY working away sick as a dawg with what turned out to be a sinus infection. Dang! I've never been so miserable, taking medicine like DayQuil and NightQuil and everything in between.

Medicine on the Road

Chicken soup and hot tea didn't help - neither did a big quart size of gumbo soup from Jason's Deli.

I was pretty proud that I packed less gadget stuff on this particular trip... although two laptops seemed kinda silly - one for work (Dell XP) that was strictly work stuff only like email, reports, Google Adwords... and a MacBook for the personal stuff like Flickr,, blogs, GMail, Twitter and all of the other distractions that help deny that I'm really, really sick...

My KY Hotel Desktop

If I was feeling good, I would be eating like I did in New Orleans...

New Orleans Dinner

Lobster, filet and grill oysters from Dragos' Restaurant

Apple Hard Drive Relic

Once every five years, I make a trek to the attic (or Mrs. WonderDawg makes me) to declutter and investigate "what's in that box?"

There's nothing better than to sit on the kitchen floor, listening to Annie Lennox and bagging up old cords, USB cables, telephone wires, RCA cables, and the like...

Seasonal Cable and Wire DeClutter

Check out this relic:

DataFrame HD Relic

It's a monster DataFrame 10 MG hard drive for an old Mac 512 that ran on a addon SCSI port connection. I tried Googling the price, but I'm sure it was around $800 in the old days. I'm tempted to hook it up to see what kind of data is still on the drive, assuming it still spins. I can't even do the math on how many songs the 10MG hard drive would hold!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freaking Busy - but loving it!

Having started a new job marketing the big bad world of internet marketing solutions with AT&T, three weeks of training in Atlanta, one week in New Orleans, and back in Nashville... I'm settling into a new routine. The old days of going to bed by 2 am and waking up at 7 are gone.

Having a birthday, new routines, the elation of a new corporate job with the perks, great people at work, wearing a suit and tie, and loving what I’m destined to do is a real blessing indeed.

In due time, I’ll settle back into blogging, taking photographs, building LEGO stuff, writing reviews for GearDiary and much more once I get a groove going…. Doing a lot of Twitter these days, only because 140 characters is within my current brain capacity output.

I’m cherishing my weekends with my bride, cutting grass, doing the honey do lists, and fitting in an occasional carpentry and handyman fixes. Strange to say, but replacing a bathroom faucet and hanging new window blinds are good diversions from being so intwined with technology. Power tools rock!

More later…

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Ninth Ward

Kevin just took us on a tour of the Ninth Ward. Homes have been washed away leaving entire streets empty... I saw the broken levee... New homes dot the landscape like settlers in the new frontier...

I am saddened to see the slow recovery here in the New Orleans; the week that I have been here, people refer life in New Orleans as pre- or post Katrina. It is a defining point in time as many struggle with rebuilding their lives (and livelihood). With rising gas prices, concerns about job security along with the increased costs of maintaining a pre-Katrina lifestyle, it has been a challenge.

Here's the sun setting in the Ninth Ward behind the rebuilt levees.