Sunday, June 22, 2008

Memphis BBQ Ribs

Just when I thought I was done eating ribs, a group of my peers traveled to downtown Memphis to check out the Rendevous Restaurant. Good stuff and friendly service from the long time servers (even though one of them threw a hissy fit over splitting the check six ways - you're rolling the dice on additional tip monies...)

Rendevous Ribs

The dry rub seasoning was superb. What I found interesting is the the locals prefer eating at Corky's which says a lot about a chain BBQ restaurant; one Corky's location had a two hour wait.

A Full Rendevous Rack

More rib photos at my Flickr Memphis Road Trip collection

We'll have to see what the doctor says about the pork - more Lipitor may be a daily fixture on the menu.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Buying a Battery - Radio Shack Style

Ok, picture this - I walk into a Radio Shack and ask for a battery recharger for a alarm system lead free battery. It's a small brick that is used for 12 volt applications.

"You don't need a recharger for that type of battery."

"it says on the box that it can be recharged hundreds of times..."

"The alarm system charges it everyday."

"So why is the battery dead?"

"All of the recharges have been used up."

"So you're telling me this rechargeable battery can't be recharged?"

"Nope, it only recharges while it is being used."

$37.00 later, I buy the same battery and just move on...

Reminds me of the guy who ran our IT department in North Carolina - he came from a Radio Shack.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Happy Father's Day (Homer Style)

Father and Son Posted by Hello


With Father's Day just around the corner, FOX asked one of television's favorite dads, Homer J. Simpson, what's on his wish list this year:


  1. French fries made of onion rings.
  2. A time machine full of beer.
  3. Not to have to see my father on Father's Day.
  4. For someone to take 'cool ranch' flavor to the next level.
  5. For Marge not to be mad at me because I didn't get her anything for Mother's Day.

A devoted husband, Homer leaves his wife with few complaints. When pressed, however, Marge did once acknowledge to a marriage counselor that Homer 'forgets birthdays, anniversaries, holidays (both religious and secular), chews with his mouth open, hangs out at a seedy bar with bums and lowlifes, blows his nose in the towels and puts them back in the middle, and scratches himself with his keys.' Despite these few foibles, Homer loves his family, and he'll do just about anything to prove it -- even if that means making himself look foolish.

Homer at peace Posted by Hello

Sometimes frustrated at being fat and bald, Homer enjoys flashbacks now and again, which show him fat with a full head of hair. Two things, though, always remain constant for Homer, no matter what happens to him: his happy-go-lucky nature and his love for Marge and his kids."

Nuclear X-Ray - D'oh! Posted by Hello

Bonus: Homer sings:

Radar Love
Space Cowboy

(Fox Broadcasting)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Overheard in Public Today

Stuff I hear in public today because I'm a good listener. Mrs. WonderDawg says I'm Chinese and nosy.

"So you're telling me you don't recycle and you shop at WalMart? What is wrong with you???"

Man walking out of Lowe's at mad wife who is leaving him behind; "You better get back here and pay for this stuff you dumb ass!"

He walked back in and paid for the stuff himself. Not sure how he was getting home.

Bonus: Courtesy of Busy Mom:
"If a man comes to your front door and says he is conducting a survey and asks you to show him your boobs, do not show him your boobs.
This is a scam. He only wants to see your boobs."

...and best question of the day: If every job paid $15.00 bucks an hour, would would you like to do?

My answer: be a LEGO designer or at least play with them all day.