Sunday, June 22, 2008

Memphis BBQ Ribs

Just when I thought I was done eating ribs, a group of my peers traveled to downtown Memphis to check out the Rendevous Restaurant. Good stuff and friendly service from the long time servers (even though one of them threw a hissy fit over splitting the check six ways - you're rolling the dice on additional tip monies...)

Rendevous Ribs

The dry rub seasoning was superb. What I found interesting is the the locals prefer eating at Corky's which says a lot about a chain BBQ restaurant; one Corky's location had a two hour wait.

A Full Rendevous Rack

More rib photos at my Flickr Memphis Road Trip collection

We'll have to see what the doctor says about the pork - more Lipitor may be a daily fixture on the menu.


Doug said...

You can't compare a franchised Corky's with the original restaurant on Poplar in Memphis. My experience in the original has always been near perfection; the franchises (I've tried 3 in TN in KY) merely ok.

Chad said...

you are in my old stomping grounds my friend. Te only issue I have ever had with Rendevous is their sides. Those little cups of slaw and beans just do not cut it but I guess is is meant to be more about the meat. Normally when I go I get the sausage/cheese plate as a starter then finish it off with a full order of the dry rub. The food in memphis is the only thing I miss about my 20 years living in Memphis. There is no good bbq place or any place to get good catfish.

chad said...

"There is no good bbq place or any place to get good catfish." I meant to qualify this by saying there is not good place in Nashville..

Kerry Woo said...

Doug - good comment - I forgot the one in Mmephis was the original - however the Corky's in Brentwood TN is consistently good - I even had them cater my daughter's rehearsal dinner in the backyard. PS I recommend the Cadillac Feast!

Chad - we did start out with the appetizers and the bbq nachos was also tasty.

Doug said...

"...the Corky's in Brentwood TN is consistently good...."

Consistently good? I agree (I've eaten there many times). Wait in line for 2 hours good? I'm thinking not.

Squirrel Queen said...

You're making me hungry. I may have to head back downtown the next trip to Memphis that I make. It's been a while since I've Rendevoused.

Robert said...

The original Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa, AL is the best in the world. It seems to me that Rendezvous has become a tourist trap. I think there are many bbq places that are better, but none that close to Beale St.

Kerry Woo said...

I just ate at the Corky's in Baton Rouge and the ribs were so awful that a first timer could absolutely never eat ribs again. It took eating at a Italian restaurant the next day at lunch to remove the taste bud experience.