Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Ninth Ward

Kevin just took us on a tour of the Ninth Ward. Homes have been washed away leaving entire streets empty... I saw the broken levee... New homes dot the landscape like settlers in the new frontier...

I am saddened to see the slow recovery here in the New Orleans; the week that I have been here, people refer life in New Orleans as pre- or post Katrina. It is a defining point in time as many struggle with rebuilding their lives (and livelihood). With rising gas prices, concerns about job security along with the increased costs of maintaining a pre-Katrina lifestyle, it has been a challenge.

Here's the sun setting in the Ninth Ward behind the rebuilt levees.

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Chad said...

Kerry, thanks for the pictures. The issue I have is with the picture with the tourist billboard. First and foremost is that I believe this area has and has continued to see a great deal of aid and assistance. I sent money after Katrina and I felt for the folks affected but trying to make tourist feel bad for continuing to come to this area, inject money and assistance to these folks 2 years later is pretty crappy. It just seems unappreciative on this persons view point to me. What would happen if tourism just stops? They need to be thankful people still want to go to NO and when they go they will continue to see this area needs help. But I can not help to think some people do not want to help themselves. The money I sent for relief was meant to help to empower, it was not to entitle.