Friday, May 30, 2008

What Work Looks Like...

Last week I was in Louisville, KY working away sick as a dawg with what turned out to be a sinus infection. Dang! I've never been so miserable, taking medicine like DayQuil and NightQuil and everything in between.

Medicine on the Road

Chicken soup and hot tea didn't help - neither did a big quart size of gumbo soup from Jason's Deli.

I was pretty proud that I packed less gadget stuff on this particular trip... although two laptops seemed kinda silly - one for work (Dell XP) that was strictly work stuff only like email, reports, Google Adwords... and a MacBook for the personal stuff like Flickr,, blogs, GMail, Twitter and all of the other distractions that help deny that I'm really, really sick...

My KY Hotel Desktop

If I was feeling good, I would be eating like I did in New Orleans...

New Orleans Dinner

Lobster, filet and grill oysters from Dragos' Restaurant

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