Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More wedding photos!

Megan Smith, a sweetheart and Megan's Bridesmaid just uploaded a full set of photos over at Photobucket! Thanks (and happy birthday!)

Here's the link Chris & Megan - Photobucket

Megan & Megan:

and some other choice photos:

Megan & Chris at the rehearsal BBQ feast...

Chris's proud parents - Jeffrey & Julie Corley (Mr & Mrs WonderDawg really like them!)

Maid of Honor Katie Moore & Best Man Beau Sherman (they all rock!)

The Bridesmaid: Ashley Hobbs, Amanda Synder, Katie Moore (Maid of Honor), Megan Smith.

Chris' Posse: Chad Shumpert, Ben Walker, Best Man Beau Sherman, Caleb Weathersby.

After meeting Chris & Megan's wedding party, I can say without hesitation - "Youth is NOT wasted on the young." Knowing that Chris and Megan are surrounded by awesome friends and a great support system in Columbia, SC truly blesses me.

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West Nashville Gringo said...

Big Congrats Kerry! Your daughter is a beautiful bride. I know you are very proud. I still can't believe Megan is old enough to get married!