Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pimping my Mac continues

Upon a recommendation from Lowes, I went to Russell's Glass & Mirror to get the glass I needed to build the tank. For $27.00 and next day service, the glass was cut to spec, 1/4" in thickness and the edges polished to a flat surface eliminating and sharp edges. I highly recommend Russell's Glass & Mirror as the local source for custom glass work and cutting! I purchase two sets of glass since I'm building two Mac Aquariums, plus the second set of glass served as backup insurance in case of any breakage or goofups.

Having the 1/4" glass versus the specified 1/8" will make gluing easier and provide a study tank.

I taped together the pieces to test fit the tank into the Macintosh case. Perfect!

I should have plenty of space at the top to avoid filling the water to the very top of the tank while keeping the water line above the monitor opening.

All that's left to do is adhere the pieces with aquarium silicone ($9.00 at PetSmart); let it dry for 48 hours and later, apply the silicone to all of the inside surface seams. After that dries, I'll do a leakage test, which basically involves setting the tank on top of newspaper, filling with water and letting it sit for a week to check for any leaks.

Meanwhile, I need to build a pedestal out of wood for the tank to sit on which I'll do this weekend.

With the openings in the back of the case, I can run any neccessary wires or tubes needed.

Then, its time to go back to PetSmart and pick up all of the accessories. Pump, filters, light, trinkets and later fish!

Andy Inhatko's Abbreviated Directions:
1) Remove everything non-plastic from the Macintosh shell.
2) Remove the front bezel. File/saw down posts and fittings.
3) Saw out handle basket from back of shell. Smooth down rough edges.
4) Test glass for correct size and fit.
5) Assemble tank with silicone adhesive. Let stand at least 24 hours. Waterseal all interior edges with thick bead of silicone. Let stand at least 48 hours.
6) Build platform.
7) Test tank for leaks.
8) Test-fit tank and platform inside closed shell.
9) Wash gravel.
10) Move MacQuarium pieces to final resting place. Fill with gravel.
11) Attach air hoses to in-aquarium items. Plug hoses into gang valve.
12) Embed in-aquarium items in gravel.
13) Close up semi-configured tank and platform inside shell. Move gang valve to hang off back
of shell.
14) Fill tank with water halfway. Check to see that aquarium items' placement hasn't been disturbed, then fill rest of way.
15) Connect air pump to check valve, check valve to gang valve, and plug in air pump. Adjust flow of air to individual items with valves.
16) Let system settle down, then add water conditioner, test and correct pH.
17) Let system rest for a day before adding fish one at a time.


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