Monday, July 10, 2006

Pimp my Macintosh please

When digging and planting season is over, I'm turning my sights on a new project. August will be too hot to be outside, so I need to do something inside.

Everything I do or build is a mentally consuming exercise. I Google for ideas, pictures, documentation. Later I sketch, process and make the committment to get it done. But I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to building things, so I have to manage my time. I'm taking a break from Legos and anything lumber related as well. I've got the power tools, the drive and a decent mechanical skill set and gritty tenacity to see it through. Except software. PhotoShop? Building a web page? Nope, I like the physical things in life.

So here's my newest project. I'm recycling my one of my four original Apple Macintoshes into an aquarium. I have the 128K, 512K, Plus and Classic form factor to choose from. I think I will use the Plus on the left as it is discolored from age, so I plan to speckle paint the case as well.

I've heard of kits where the tank was pre-molded to fit the monitor opening, and it was a complete solution with pumps, lights, filter and all of the accesories that would normally go into an aquarium. Just add water and goldfish.

But alas, no such luck. I have to build one from scratch using some online instructions and galleries for inspiration.

So here goes! My first task is to find a vase that will fit, so after my Mothership BBQ lunch, I'll scout out the 100 Oaks area - Michaels, PetSmart, Expo Center and Home Depot.

I've got the Dremel tools and some allotted time to build this Mac Aquarium and document the project with photos.

Is there anyone in the Nashville area who has built one? If so, I'd like to visit with you and learn some tips.

Mrs. WonderDawg is not fond of fish, but my son and daughter are, so I think I have some emotional support I can tap into.

Plus these Macs originally belonged to them anyway, so I'm just pimping them out.

Fo' shizzle!


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