Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm committed to pimping my Mac

It's 12:50 AM; and I need to be in Cool Springs at 7:00 AM to meetup with my Christian brothers as we're heading to Promise Keepers later in July. I just had to get started on building the Mac Aquarium... otherwise, I'll be laying in bed thinking about it.

So phase one is where I get my ya ya's out and Mrs. WonderDawg rolls her eyes...

The Macintosh Plus has been gutted... But since I'll be in the Cool Springs shopping area, I can take the empty case with me should I find a vase that will fit. Otherwise, I have to build a plexiglass or glass container, which seems to be the most intimidating part of this project.

I found some really detailed instructions by Andy Ihnatko; the kicker is that each of these completed aquariums will weigh 30 lbs each when finished. The author advised that fish upkeep is a very necessary thing, especially changing water and keeping the tank clean...

"... every other month you should completely empty the tank, scrub it down with cloths and warm water (NO soap), and replace the gravel. It's a big job, and you'll have to keep your fish in the toilet bowl until you're done (joke), but it's worth it in terms of Having A Pleasant, Non-Smelly Tank For A Very Long Time.

For this and many more reasons, you might want to build a second, backup tank. Speaking personally, it's much simpler to have another, spotlessly clean MacQuarium all set up and ready to receive the transported fish, then take your time cleaning the first one."

Looks like I'm building TWO Mac Aquariums... simple upkeep sounds good to me; why build something that is going to be high maintenance?


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