Monday, July 17, 2006

Do Over! (or Bill Heard's Got My Truck Man!)

Tonight I saw the incredulous story about Bill Heard Chevrolet "Dealership Doesn't Like Deal, Takes Car Back" as reported on the 10 pm news at WTVF, the CBS affiliate here in Nashville.

As reported:

Car dealers are often the butt of jokes. But one local truck buyer is not laughing tonight about the deal that he got -- and lost. Consumer advocates say this case raises lots of questions about how a well-known auto dealer does business.

Earl Kieselhorst thought he owned a 2003 Chevy Silverado -- a truck that he bought from Bill Heard Chevrolet in Antioch.

Kieselhorst says he "paid cash for it. Made the deal. Sales manager signed off on it. Signed all the paperwork. And drove off."

He traded in his car and gave the dealer a check for $8,100.

"I have the keys," Kieselhorst tells NewsChannel 5 investigative reporter Jennifer Kraus.

But he doesn't have his truck.

Bill Heard does.

"I can't see any reason why this wouldn't be my car," he adds.

Just one day after he bought the truck, a salesman from Bill Heard called to say the dealership was having second thoughts about the deal.

He told Kieselhorst that if he wanted to keep his truck, he needed to fork over another $10,000 -- something he refused to do. After all, he says, they had a signed deal.

But the next morning, when Kieselhorst woke up, his truck was gone.

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What say you? Kieselhorst or Bill Heard Chevrolet? Did Kieselhorst "pull a fast one on a green salesman" or should Bill Heard eat the mistake and move on?


Walter77 said...

I think Earl Kieselhorst was trying to rip off the dealership. He is in the Mortage buisness, I bet if he lost that much money he would try to fix the problem too. In fact I bet he would just cancel the contract if he was in the other shoe. It is a case of a liar (Earl Kieselhorst) trying to get the deal of a lifetime. One needs to read not only the story and watch the News but also read what the Dealership says. The news left a lot out and made it look very suspicious toward the Dealership. I have bought my car at Bill Heard and I was very Happy with what I got. I had an honest salesman and a great deal!!! I will buy all of my cars from Bill Heard. I will not let a few news liars and smoe rotten individuals ruin my faith.

Kerry Woo said...

Hi Walter, the old proverb says "everything sounds right until you hear the other side of the story". Appreciate your take on the story. I am somewhat perplexed about all of the unresolved complaints the BBB has on the Heard dealership.

Anonymous said...

bill Heard is notorious for being one of the most crooked car dealerships in America. I live in Nashville, and bill heard had to leave town because not just because of Earl Kieselhorsts story, but because of hundreds of others. To say that this guy is a liar because he is in the mortgage business is unfair, especially when you compare it to Bill Heards horrible horrible track record.