Monday, July 17, 2006

Free Business Cards

Hey bloggers out there, this is a good resource to have:

"Everyone now has more than one business card. Maybe that's one definition of the new economy. Another sign of the new economy is "free." So here's a source where you can get printed business cards for "free." For the cost of postage (about $5) Vistaprint will send you 250 color custom business cards. The catch? Their choices of stock designs are pretty ugly, and there's a single viral advertising line on the back of each card declaring free business cards at But when the inventory of my other cards ran low, I found a suitable design at Vistaprint and printed up my dream job card for $5. I now have a business card for every occasion."

From Cool Tools


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Sam Davidson said...

I just used Vistaprint for some new business cards. Great service. Not sure about the discount sale, but they're a great company.