Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Baumer pit stops at Woo's

We had some guests pit stop at our house for burgers, wifi and a place to crash. The band Baumer from Columbia, SC passed through Nashville on their mini tour playing at the Exit Inn before moving onward to Little Rock and Tulsa.

We had enough guys for a frat house feel, but no hazing took place.

Guitar Player Magazine says:
"...dark, danceable, synth-pop [that] occupies a musical purgatory between New Order and Nine Inch Nails..." which doesn't help me as I never heard of New Order or Nine Inch Nails.

My daughter Megan's boyfriend Chris is the bass player (second from left), so that technically makes her the tiny dancer or seamstress for the band.

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SistaSmiff said...

W. D....

You have warned your darling daughter of the perils of involvement with musicians...let alone bass players, haven't you? If she has any questions or problems, you may direct her to me.