Saturday, March 31, 2007

Knock Knock: Having Trouble Expressing How You Feel?

We run into a lot of scenarios in our lives that stir up our emotions – good, bad or indifferent that demand a response. Sometimes an apology needs to be issued, or clarification is needed. As hard as some of us try to manage our time to multitask and accomplish the daily chores that must get done without some schmuck cutting off in traffic, or having a worthless coworker failing to pass along some vital information… words fail us. Hey, we’ve all been there as either a giver or receiver. Communication can be tough at times! For those times when I wish I had signed up for the professional mind reading seminar to understand the opposite sex or when a Curly moment (from the Three Stooges) kicks in:

“I’m trying to think but nothing happens!”… I just need a little help.

Fortunately an innovative set of tools is available to help express our emotions and relieve that inner turmoil !

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Newscoma said...

As I often forget to tell people that they are helpful and wonderful and nice, you are.