Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Carrying the Cross is hard work

Wow, my shoulders are killing me...

I'd like to think I'm a pretty upbeat guy, but the process of looking for a daytime job is wearing me thin for tolerance.

Last night at Kroger in Belle Meade, some IGMO in a gray Ford Taurus with Rutherford county tags left his/her car parked in the lane blocking the handicapped spot AND the shopping cart return facing the store. His homey was in the passenger seat on his cell phone while the IGMO was inside the store.

Inside, another guy was dissing his girlfriend, yet he couldn't understand why she didn't want to walk out with him.

He deserved a blanket party.

Someone said as a good Christian, it's hard to carry the cross on your shoulder when you got a chip on your shoulder.


ceeelcee said...

Dang, I hope you find some peace of mind soon, buddy.

This is exactly the wrong time to have to deal with the public in a retail setting. I know your inner good guy will always overcome!

Kathy T. said...

On behalf of everyone in Rutherford County, except the IGMO, I apologize.

Ginger said...

Just checking in to say that I'm praying for ya.

Kerry Woo said...

O Kathy T - I was just ratting out the guy, as ALL Rutherford folks are awesome - you set the standard!

Thanks Ginger! Means a lot to me -

Cee - I appreciate you my friend!