Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Remember Thunder?

What seemed like a long, long time ago waaaay back on December 9th, 2006 we had a Christmas Blogger meetup over at The Mothership. Out of that festive time, we took up a collection of dog and cat food for the Nashville Humane Association.

I wrote about a sweet dog - Thunder - and his desire to live in a place with other dogs and lots of running room.

Thunder is a collie/shepherd/lab mix, neutered male, 5 to 6 years old, weights about 66 lbs and he tells me (I'm kinda like Dr. Doolittle) that he's been around other dogs and older kids - he would like a place that has a lot of running room. Thunder would be so GRATEFUL if someone would take him home today. A super gentle dog that I think would make an excellent side kick buddy.

This week I got word that Cole and Summer are driving in from Austin, Texas to adopt Thunder!

Texas as we all know, is a big state to run in and more so, full of people with bigger hearts. So Cole and Summer are taking a whirlwind trip to Nashville to pick up Thunder at 10:00 this Saturday at the Nashville Humane Society!

I am looking forward to meeting them at the Humane Association - 213 Oceola in West Nashville 37209 (MAP) this Saturday at 10:00 - stop by if you're in the area... and say how ya'll doin'?

Isn't that so awesome! I think Summer is connected somehow with Rex Hammock, Cole and I are die hard Cowboy fans and though we have never met before, we're all connected via this little thing called Nashville Is Talking.

If you know someone or at times, even ourselves who think that blogging is a waste of time, we've got to get a hold of the fact that words and photos flung out over the datawaves of the internet are carriers of life, memories, dreams and aspirations for each of us in some way... even for a dog who simply wanted to be adopted.

Keep blogging! You can make a difference!


Cole said...

Thanks for the kind words and for introducing us to Thunder. We're getting more and more excited about the trip to Nashvegas by the minute!

[And yes, Summer is connected to Rex. If you keep up with the Rexblog, you may have heard Rex mention the Austin office of Hammock Publishing. Well, the Austin office happens to be Summer. That's part of the reason why we make a point of keeping up with all you crazy Nashville folks! ;-)]

jag said...

Thank you Kerry and Cole and Summer! I love love LOVE happy endings, especially when it involves pooches.

Lynnster said...

I am so happy for Thunder! Looks like he's going to a great home. :)

lcreekmo said...

I think this is the coolest thing ever!! [I too am connected to Rex and Summer, tho via the Nashville office of Hammock. ;) ]

I will tell you all my 7yo's comment, when I told her that Cole and Summer were coming to get Thunder:
"Isn't there a dog in Texas??"
Hee hee. I told her their canine love knows no bounds.

I am sad not to see you all this weekend.