Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vote for Better Pork this year !

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Politicians do it all the time voting for pork barrel projects for the little man back home. As the little man, what are you going to do to make a difference? So often, elections are won by only 12% of registered voters, as 50% of the populace never bother to register as voters and of those qualified to vote, 50% stay home.

Here are some sobering facts from a recent WonderDawg poll:

NASHVILLE (BSS) -- Most Nashvillians are angry about "something" when it comes to how their vittles are cooked, especially pork based vittles, and they are more likely than in previous years to vote for a challenger this September, a new WonderDawg poll suggests.

A majority of Nashvillians surveyed -- and a higher percentage than recorded during the same time last year -- said pork in the Nashville Metropolitan area are going "up in liquid smoke." Among this year's respondents, 39 percent said "pretty crappy" and 35 percent -- up from 25 percent a month ago -- answered "very crappy." By comparison, 17 percent described the way things are going as "fairly tasty," and 9 percent answered "very tasty."

Of these people, 67 percent said there was "something" to be angry about in the pork BBQ today. Fat content, vinegar, spices and pre-boiled meat were emotional hot buttons. By comparison, 59 percent felt that way when polled three months ago in June. Political pundits are closely watching how the Nashville Scene's Best of Nashville elections could hinge on the local Nashville Is Talking blogosphere influence -- all talk, no action?

Only 31 percent said they were "generally full" in the latest poll with the "please add chicken and mac 'n' cheese to the menu" as a simmering issue to contend with next year.


The WonderDawg blog formally endorses the Nashville Knucklehead of the Mothership BBQ for best BBQ, Ribs, and best new restaurant in the Best of Nashville 2006 Readers' Poll.

Fresh Prince of Berry Hill: "Although this is his first Best of Nashville 2006 Readers' Poll race, the Knuck's understanding of slow cooking in all things pork is quite impressive."

Jag from the powerful East Nashville coalition gave a resounding endorsement: "You got BBQ, Ribs, and best new restaurant from me. Thanks for sending the better half home with takeout Saturday. Our guests were raving about the beans."

Other prominent endorsements, snorts and grunts

Official Mothership BBQ site

5 pm Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006 is the deadline, so click on the mouse and quit your bellyaching and get voting with this chad free link

Today. Now. Thank you.

(The Knuck approved this message. Sorta. Kind Of. Did.)

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