Thursday, September 07, 2006

Walking around downtown Nashville

While driving over to Crest Honda in Metro Center to get the Civic's oil changed, I decided to make a slight detour downtown and work in forty five minutes of exercise by parking the car and do a little walking / sightseeing combo with camera in tow.

I need to mention that Crest Honda has oil changes for $23.00; serves free Starbucks and donuts, hotdogs, Cokes and water for lunch plus free internet connections. Also one can lust over the new Hondas without bothersome sales people. Man, I hope I can get a new Element by Christmas!

It's amazing what one sees on foot rather from behind the windshield. From Riverfront Park the LP Field signage is up, beer trucks are making their deliveries to the local honky tonks, tourists are starting to venture out and construction crews are building the next high rise.

My Flickr Set of Downtown Nashville

I walked over to see downtown Nashville's newest crown jewel, the $123.5 million Schermerhorn Symphony Center. What a beautiful structure! I can't wait to set a date night to take Mrs. WonderDawg out on the town. Yes, dinner and the symphony - sounds romantic to me.

I bumped into WSMV reporter Cindy Carter who nabbed me for a soundbite about the Schermerhorn.

Turns out that not only Cindy is one of the most personable individuals I have ever met, but she has a minor degree in theater and performs with the improvisational comedy group, "Improv Nashville". Somewhere in our conversation, talking about the arts in Los Angeles and Hollywood, I referred to New Orleans as the armpit of the South... she quickly let me know that she's from Louisiana! Cindy has a sharp wit being from Louisiana and Mississippi... and she's a good reporter as well with some solid journalism kudos.

Improv Nashville's Troupe 93 and Mainstage perform:
Friday, September 8th and Friday, September 22nd, both shows at 8 pm
@ The 12th South Arts Venue, 2907 12th Ave South at Kirkwood

By the way, Cindy Carter is NOT RELATED to WSMV's Jimmy Carter. (I asked).


Megan said...

Thanks for the tip on Crest... I'm going to be buying a new Civic in the next month or two and am trying to find recommendations on good dealers around these parts... I'm taking it you'd recommend them?

Kerry Woo said...

Hi Megan - Here's what I recommend doing - Figure out exactly the car you want with all the accessories - shouldn't be hard as with Hondas, it boild down to a sunroof or wheels. Get a price that you are willing to pay and call the dealers like I did - I want a LX Civic with air, automatic, etc etc - will you take XYZ price? You avoid all the haggling stuff - Also check out Trickett in Rivergate - we've had a great customer experience with them as well - Crest is good as well, espec. the service - Good luck! and NEVER pay full price! or involve a trade in on the front end...

Megan said...

Thanks--will do!