Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm beat to a pulp...

... my mind is scrambled and my cheeks are sore.

Some quick thoughts and multiple posts with pictures while I rearrange my brain cells from my cross country journey.

Just flew back from being in Los Angeles and while I had a healthy concern what the LAX experience would be post 9/11 yesterday, I have to say for my 2:55 pm departure, the security lines were efficent, with no waiting. I am feeling confident and much safer flying. The only change I saw were two TSA agents rechecking carry on bags at the boarding gate for the flight prior. For our flight, we were selected for extra security with ten soldiers in combat fatigues helping out. But they were randomly checking people as I was fourth in line and waved on through. Good thing, as my backpacked was jammed with electronics and four cell phones.

(L-R) Palm Treo 650, Nokia E-61, Motorola Q, Treo 700W

I scored a Nokia and Motorola smartphone from demoing our wares. The handset manufactors are eager to work with content developers to accelerate their new product launches. Of course, we're happy to oblige. I really like the new Motorola Q; over the next few days, I'll be playing and testing our new voice apps on these devices. Fun stuff that gadgeteers get into.

I still can't understand why people just saunter up to a A line at Southwest and jump line. Three people did it to me, bumping me from first to fourth. I think when confronted, having a blank stare is their best defense. Still, I got my first class seat on the exit row.

I took two thousand photos while in LA - one night, I'll organize them. Flickr Pro is a great program. Which reminds me of the time my older brother showed us his Hawaii vacation on two carousel of sildes, while his aggressive Cocker Spaniel keep us hostage on the couch.

Lots of Asians and Latinos in this city.

Did you know that I have three brothers? Jerry, Terry and Harry. (My son is Gary).

My three sisters are named Emily, Lilly and Sally.

So while the myth is that Chinese parents name their offspring by the sound of dropped silverware, my parents were creative and did the rhyming thing. Very cool.

Speaking of great programs, check out Delicious Library

Get your Mac, a webcam, and Delicious Library and rediscover your home library. Just point any FireWire digital video camera, like an Apple iSight, at the barcode on the back of any book, movie, music, or video game. Delicious Library does the rest. The barcode is scanned and within seconds the item's cover appears on your digital shelves filled with tons of in-depth information downloaded from one of six different web sources from around the world.

more on the next post...

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red fish said...

You took beautiful pictures of LA, but I confess, it is the cell phones I'm drooling over. When I got my PDA (Sony SJ-33)it was the coolest thing on the market. MP3 player! Version 4.1! 15M of memory! Cool orange color! My brother-in-law warned me that I would want bigger and better in 6 months, but I couldn't fathom it. It did take longer than 6 months, but alas, I can't help but drool over Phones! Wireless internet! Real MP3 players! Real big memory!
You have a cool job.