Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Musings from Los Angeles

Back from LA - I learned that people living in the city don't describe destinations in miles; just time. When I pulled into a gas station looking for the Hollywood sign, the attendant said it was 30 minutes away, although the distance was seven miles!

My cheeks are really sore from sitting in the car so much going from destination to destination. If living in Los Angeles, I'm convinced that driving a clunker car and no GPS will doom you to a life of misery.

Also, I'm disappointed with the lack of good FM radio - there's a ton of Latino stations and Jack FM. I did enjoy the USC station that played four hours of Beatles music Sunday morning.

Bad radio in LA must be why everybody has an iPod. There is a iPod billboard for every Starbucks location.

Homeless people like camping out by the Pacific Ocean. I notice they carried much more gear and very much into recycling glass and cans for their substance. No panhandling.

Lots of eye candy billboards and graphics to entice while sitting at stoplights.

Even the plant life is spectacular! Does anybody know what this plant is called? Looks an abstract goose.

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ceeelcee said...

That's a bird of paradise. They thrive on smog.

Welcome back!