Monday, September 11, 2006

Hollywood! Beverly Hills! No movie stars!

Quick hits from Sunday in Los Angeles...

My booty hurts from sitting in the rental car - if you're from Nashville, then driving in LA or Hollywood is like leaving a Predators game or 4th of July celebration... all the time. There's just a lot of cars on the road... and walking is no better. Too many elbows. Thank God for my TomTom GPS navigator on my Treo. It's been a time saver helping me zip around town. Nearly 300 miles worth of driving in two days taking in the sights.

Finding the Hollywood sign is very elusive. It's like trying to follow the moon - a constant moving target. But I got it!

I met The Homeless Guy of Hollywood working hard on a Sunday morning.

On the way to hunting down the Hollywood sign, the roads were blocked off for some Tour De France bike race... lots of detours to navigate. But I took the time to see the Capital Records building and pay homage to the Stars of Tinsel Town.

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Tabasco06 said...

Wow, well at least you had a nice trip. How do you like your Tomtom? I have heard great things about them and i think i want the new tomtom ONE, it looks awesome!