Sunday, September 10, 2006

Los Angeles - stars and lots of traffic

Landed in Los Angeles and while seeking out the Hollywood sign with no success, I spent 3 hours behind the wheel going 65 mph bumper to bumper on the 5 lane freeways.

Some quick hits and developing entries...

Security at the Nashville airport was good and the lines moved fast, especially the line to the far right (there are two stations behind the wall if you prefer the express lane.)

A clueless girl yapping on her cell phone nonstop actually cut in front of me in the A line at Southwest trying to bump me to fourth place. The three of us actually said something about the line forms at the end, but she didn't get it nor did she move.

S T U P I D and ugly too. She was testing my grace.

I had a Southwest employee of the month (Paige) serve me coffee and a pillow on the flight to L.A.

You can blow your nose loud on the plane and no one can hear on takeoff.

I got my first class seat on the exit row with no seat in front. Stretching my long legs is luxury as defined by Southwest.

When my recall replacement battery arrives for my Dell laptop, I'm keeping the old one. I was deeply engrossed in the movie "Catch Me If You Can" and the battery ran out of juice.

More photos to come; a sample...

Paris Hilton adorns the Warner Music Group Bldg.

Homer? No way!

View from Bob Hope Drive

My room at the Fairmont Santa Monica...

with a panorama view of the Pacific!


Kathy T. said...

I really enjoyed your pics (except for Paris Hilton) (ha). Sounds like the trip is going well!

ceeelcee said...

I warned you about that bumper to bumper high speed traffic.

Stay safe and have fun!