Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Seeing the USA in a RV

Recently driving back from Chattanooga with Mrs. WonderDawg and her momma, I expressed interest upon my retirement or winning the Power Ball lottery in seeing the USA in a Recreational Vehicle. My mother in law loved the idea while my wife didn't mind flying to meet us at our designated points along the journey.

Our friends Mike & Adrienne actually purchased a 1978 Airstream Argosy to head to Los Angeles before starting law school - thus the Adventures of Helga & the Litterbox Chronicles .

I've heard of people visiting all forty eight states in a RV or having a theme in mind such as taking in a game at all Major League Baseball stadiums. My son Gary and I purposed to do the same for NFL games, although the challenge is greater because of the limited schedules.

I met a software developer aboard a past Western Caribbean cruise that actually lives on cruise ships with his wife. Estimated cost? About $20,000 per year. Room, food, seeing the sites; jumping from destination to destination sounds intriguing. He was a pretty thin guy, by the way.

Anyhoo, I saw this link about the GMC Pad:

"GMC has come up with a solution to the rising costs of gas and rent -- the GMC PAD. Created for the California Design Challenge, the PAD is a mobile urban loft intended to ease the difficulties of living in Southern California. This six-wheeled behemoth is basically a futuristic motor home -- part apartment, part vehicle and part telecommunications center."

Yup, me and my dogs in a GMC Pad photoblogging our way across the USA - could happen!


Go RVing


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