Wednesday, August 16, 2006

WonderDawg's culinary attempt

Last week, I posted about this culinary delight called a Wedding Meat Cake.

Well today was the day to replicating this feat as I was craving a classic meat 'n' three homestyle dinner. I pick up 5 lbs of 93/7 hamburger meat and went at it -

I did photo the step by step process, but it seem rather boring to document the making of meatloaf and mashed potatoes into a birthday cake. Plus I could NEVER top the excellence set by Tim Morgan's Inspired by Funkenswine blog-u-mentary.

So here's the finished "cake". Mrs. WonderDawg's birthday is next week, so it was an early surprise... She thought that I was losing my mind as she termed the cake "bizarre."

I found it to be rather tasty and VERY filling.

I took a slice to my next door neighbor. His reaction? "Hey, can you change my outside porch lightbulb?"

Martha Stewart has the actual recipe, but in reality - for me - it was hard to make as I'm not a cake maker, so my dexterity on icing and decorating were not up to par. The icing was rather lumpy.

Martha and actress Rosie Perez bake a Birthday Meatloaf "Cake."


Tim said...

Um - I don't mind an occasional meat loaf, but meat loaf b-day cake? Oh well, I'll try almost anything once. I am sorry to say though, bud, I might have to down a few beers first, though. :)

jag said...

Ooh, I wanna see all the pictures! And thanks for the note on NiT about the microchipping tomorrow. I think I'm going to take my two dogs.

Kathy T. said...

I ::::love:::: the cake! I'm still thinking about "baking" one for my family reunion on Sunday.

Kerry Woo said...

You do have to try anything once! And baking this meatloaf "cake" will definately make you the buzz of a family reunion; it may even excuse one from ever being invited again to future reunions!

And Jag, the dogs won't mind eating the leftovers - much better than chocolate.

Rachel said...

Oh, man, I feel like this is a really fun version of shepherd's pie. Throw some peas or corn in the middle of the meat? said...

Wow, that is totally cool. I thought it was neat when I saw the MS photo, but I am even more impressed that a REAL person whom I KNOW actually made this. Congratulations. I'd like to try it sometime. If I get up that much culinary energy.