Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm a Winner!

Awhile back, I entered a giveaway contest that Sammy McLoughlin, Webmaster and Editor of PalmAddicts sponsored with Vaja Cases.

The odds of winning at a site that draws a readership of 61,000 visitors a day - especially those interested in all things Palm - smartphones, PDAs, software and industry news, is a long shot. Check out the site - It's updated around the clock seemingly with fifty postings a day. It's one my my vital lifelines in my job to stay immersed and current in the smartphone/PDA space.

To my surprise, I received a FedEx package from Brazil containing a hand crafted leather full grain Argentina cowhide - case for the Treo 650.

The fit, high degree of craftsmanship and smell of the new leather is really noticeable. Price? $84.90.

You can custom order a case not only for your smartphone, but MP3 players, cameras, notebooks, and more using leathers and accessories of your choice.

I've been using a aluminum hard case, which I'll continue to do when I have my phone outside in accident prone conditions. The Vaja case is a classy case when I'm around business functions and want to accessorize with my suit for those "it's not how you feel, but how you look" social occassions.

Hip packaging with hipper models sporting Vaja cases...

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