Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Savage Chickens... On My Desk

One of my favorite cartoon blogs is Doug Savage's Savage Chickens.

In today's entry, Doug mentions on my desk a neat blog that showcases artist workspaces. All of the desks feature illustrators and designers.

Here's a what if - WHAT IF the Nashville Blogosphere did a similiar project? Who would not want to see the desks of blogging illuminaries by the likes of:
The Nashville Knucklehead, Busy Mom, The Dry Spot, Sista Smiff, Sam Davidson. Christian Grantham, Mashby, Big Orange Michael, Salem's Lot who by the way have eaten at the Mothership BBQ ?

And don't forget about:
Jag @ I'm About To Be Brilliant, Kat @ Just Another Pretty Farce, Chris' My Quiet Life, Lindsay's SuburbanTurmoil... the list goes on...

Wouldn't you like to see the environment that inspires the wackiness, slices of daily life, inspiration and perspiration that goes into spellchecking and HTML coding?

I would.

Because I'm nosy.

And it's too hot to drive over to your house to look at your desk.

I'll start it off tomorrow. (here's a sneak peek)

(and if you want to grant the Nashville Blogosphere something to REALLY TALK ABOUT, then submit a link and I'll cross post it.)


Kathy T. said...

Wow. My desk at home is my lap. At work... I'll have to bring my camera.

Sam Davidson said...

This is a great idea. I'll try to get you a pick.

ceeelcee said...

Well, you've seen my monitor. If I can find my cameraphone or my camera, I'll take a picture of my desk. I often say that I could clean it off with a flamethrower.