Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gatorade - safe for dogs?

I was mixing up a batch of Gatorade to drink when the thought occurred if Gatorade is good for dogs to drink?
After a Google search - here's one answer:


When a pet is dehydrated, due to illness or injury, you can give them Pedialyte, available in the baby food section of any grocery store. Alternatively, you can substitute Gatorade. However, the sugar content in Gatorade is rather high, which is not good for long term use with our pets. If using it, cut it in half with plain water. There are also powdered electrolyte solutions available in most feed stores that work just as well, and are less expensive.

and a forum topic

"Gatoraid is too high in complex sugars. Dogs lack an enzyme in their liver that breaks down the complex sugars in usuable forms (glucose). Pedilyte is better, not as much sugar. Elecrtamine is a balanced electrolyte, amino acid, glucose supplement for dogs. it's also beef flavored."

and a conspiracy theory:

"Gatorade isn't even good for humans....most college programs will only give their athletes on the sidelines water.....Gatorade just pays them to pour that water into Gatorade cups so the massess watching the games will go out and spend their hard earned dollars on Gatorade."

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nicola six said...

but the blue one is like bottled pool water! yummy!