Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another On My Desk update

Always fun to have the Nashville bloggers play along... In the spirit of my previous post about the On My Desk blog - - Kathy T & CeeElCee stepped up with their entries.

Now Michael Ashby has posted his entry. Without words. He's hanging his head in shame because of the clutter. I think it's kinda cool as he is organized enough to set up networks for his clients, organize his life on a Palm PDA (Tapwave Zodiac) and has even crossed over to the cult of Mac with his new PowerBook. So what if the desk is cluttered?

"If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?" Laurence J. Peter - US educator & writer (1919 - 1988)

Scott Reaves at Forbes writes, "You're dressed for success, but sit at a desk that undercuts your image as a serious, successful professional bound for the corner office.

A cluttered desk covered with inappropriate knickknacks and photos can be your downfall.

"Like going on a date, first impressions at the office are often lasting," says, Deborah Wiener, an interior designer and owner of Designing Solutions in Silver Spring, Md. "We also make quick judgments about work relationships. You want your desk to say: 'I mean business and I'm ready to move up.'"

Unless you want to import that cubicle farm look to your home office, then disregard this article.

Check out On My Desk blog


Here's a what if - WHAT IF the Nashville Blogosphere dared to reveal their desktops? Who would not want to see the desks of blogging illuminaries by the likes of:

Rex Hammock, Rex Camino, The Tennessee Chick, News Coma, The Nashville Knucklehead, Busy Mom, Sista Smiff, Sam Davidson. Christian Grantham, Big Orange Michael, Salem's Lot, Jag @ I'm About To Be Brilliant, Kat @ Just Another Pretty Farce, Chris' My Quiet Life, Lindsay's SuburbanTurmoil... the list goes on...

You don't have to drag a wooden desk around town like Mayor Bill Purcell did years ago as a neighborhood campaign concept... just a photo will suffice.


TNChick said...

Hmm, my desktop? This one is small and not too messy - I'll share - maybe tonight or tomorrow when I have more time. I have things I should be doin' now that I am going to go do =)

Rex Hammock said...

It has taken me a while, but here's my desk: