Thursday, August 10, 2006

Time to move on...

Ok, I'm not playing anymore. Alvin and his chipmunk/ground squirrel buddies may be cute and they keep my dogs hyper as they scamper across the yard and up the brick walls, but I'm done with them.

These furry rodents eat new plants, and burrow holes in the yard big enough to twist an ankle. I fill the holes with grass, rocks, sticks and even dog poo, but they just insist on digging more holes. My neighbor traps them, but I don't have the hunting DNA in me to catch them one at a time.

I've even read somewhere that these ground squirrels are very territorial. If trapped and released ten miles away, they will find their way back "home".

Rather than using poison, I hear that fox urine used as a territorial marker by a bigger critter is the best method to run them off, thus Shake-Away SMALL CRITTERS (Fox Urine Powder) is my ground warfare of choice.

Time to move on little buddies.

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