Friday, July 07, 2006

NIT Name That Blogger Contest !

Time to have some fun and win some nice prizes from the WonderDawg schwag closet!

You've been to the Nashville Is Talking meet up, read all the posts, seen the Flickr sets... so now it is pop quiz time and time to establish yourself as the blogger who knows all.

Name the bloggers (name plus a link, i.e. Kerry from WonderDawg) from each of these four posts:

PART ONE which has from top to bottom three folks at the bar, two (one with an obvious name tag, 2 gals, 2 guys and the couple.

PART TWO which has from top to bottom your weekend blogger, and three other bloggers.

PART THREE which has from top to bottom a couple (name them both) and three other bloggers.

and the last post - PART FOUR which has from top to bottom two guys, a trio of bloggers and a gal.

Know them all? Just send an email to wonderdawg (at) gmail (dot) com and here's what you'll win:


Your choice:

GRAND PRIZE: A 16 x 12 poster of THE BLOG (suitable for framing) plus lunch at the Mothership BBQ

(4) GRAND PRIZE ALTERNATES: If you're a Palm or Pocket PC handheld techno like myself, here's a prize pack of great software from Handmark worth $120 bucks: Scrabble and Monopoly CD-ROM; Battleship and Yahtzee CD-ROM, PocketMoney CD-ROM AND Warfare Incorporated CD-ROM

and if need be, depending on the number of correct entries, I'll toss in some iPod Nano skins, some promo bling bling from handset manufacturers and blast from the past promotional record company schwag from the eighties like collectibles, buttons, stickers and _______ (surprises !!!).

Sorry Brittney, you can't "officially" win. Let's try to have a winner by Wednesday July 12 while the meetup is still fresh in your mind.

Again, name those persons and links in each of the four posts; I have one poster plus lunch; four sets of software and a healthy collection of trinkets. It's my small way of giving back to the community while demonstrating to Mrs. WonderDawg that I'm turning over a new leaf by getting rid of this stuff. Eventually. To make room for other stuff.


Kerry Woo said...

Update: 12:35 PM - we have two winners, and room for three more prize packs to be claimed. So rest assure, this contest is not a farce and you don't have to be brilliant - just need a clear mind, a good eye and be a sucker for some cool schwag!

ceeelcee said...

Kerry, I just wanted to commend you on how your blog is so interesting and positive at the same time! I can rarely be entertaining without being cynical and/or profane.

Keep fighting the good fight, brother!