Friday, July 07, 2006

Nashville Is Talking experience in photos part 1

Guess who?

See the rest at Wonderdawg's Flickr page !


jag said...

Where do we need to leave the comments? Here or on Flickr?

The top on this post is Amanda (Chris Wage of My Quiet Life's Amanda), me (jag of I'm About To Be Brilliant), and Scott of loserfish (which I believe is defunct.

In the second on, I know that's Huck of What the F...Huck.

The third is Amanda again, Kate of Holy High Mass of Contradictions, Scott again, and Chris Wage, with Short & Fat's back and me and JD of Gypsy Cab Co in the background, along with Kleinheider of Volunteer Voters.

Not sure about hte fourth, although I see Aunt B in there.

Sarcastro said...

That fourth one is Aunt B, Bob Krumm, Mrs. Krumm, Me slightly behind Krumm so that I look like a conjoined fetus, Sugar Momma, R. Abramson.