Saturday, July 08, 2006

My 90 second elevator encounter

While in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel, a gentlemen boarded the elevator. I notice the very cool Napster logo luggage tag on his backpack. It was the familiar cat, quarter inch thick and die cut.

I immediately exclaimed,

"What a cool logo!"


"I love Napster! I have several thousand songs from the subscription service!"


"Do you work for Napster?"


"When are you going to offer Napster on the Macintosh?"

stay tuned... we're working on it...

The elevator stopped at his floor... before he stepped out, he reached in his backpack, we exchanged business cards and the door closed.

This is too cool...

A business card from Brad Duea, President of Napster and a gift card for 15 songs.

The next morning at breakfast, I told my table about the virtues of Napster. Very few presidents of large companies would ever take the time to connect with their customers.

Thanks Mr. Duea !

Read what Brad has to say about the business in this BBC interview.

"There are still people fearful of a cannibalistic effect of digital on their cash cow plastic retail business..."


Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

That is too cool! Can I touch you? ;)

My hubs and I are leaving for a week in Vegas tomorrow morning.

Kerry Woo said...

Erin, have a great time in Vegas! Visit my Flickr set in the top right column for lots of Vegas eye candy. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.