Saturday, July 15, 2006

Daytime creepiness

You know the one thing that really creeps me out?

Not spiders or snakes or things that go boo in the night, but... estate sales.

There is just something about looking at (I am assuming the deceased) stuff... the neckties, plates, forks, personal hygiene stuff that's for sale. I think the family already cleaned out the good furniture and things of value. And you won't find any bargains either, unless $65 per patterned dinner plates are your thing.

Went to one today in the West Meade area and it just spooked me out.

It has to be the enviroment... maybe I would feel better rummaging through the stuff if it's in a yard, but a dead's man's closet? Creepy. Simply creepy.

Bernice is the Queen of Estate sales.

1 comment:

Homeland Guy said...

Bernice helped us outfit our son's apartment for college. Great deals. Just stay away from the closets though.