Saturday, July 15, 2006

Heart tug for dogs

Every Saturday morning at the Petco in Bellevue, people are out with their dogs and cats for adoption. I forget if they are with the Humane Society, but the sweetest dogs are available to adopt.

Some of the best dogs I've ever had have been homeless dogs, because they are sooo grateful to be off the streets. And I think these dogs that are available to adopt would be also. My current dogs Ally and Diggy were not homeless, but they are grateful (or big time spoiled) nonetheless with a big yard to romp in and a loving family (us!).

On Craigslist under "free stuff", there are always pets available for free to a good home. This listing for One Ugly Dog cracked me up!

Hobbies - chasing cars, snorting and sniffing incessantly, rolling in the carcasses of road kill, over eating and vomiting, and last but not least, pooping on the baby's bed. This little looker is a lover not a biter and thank god he doesn't hump everything he sees but he will scratch his butt on your carpet. If this sounds like your kind of pet, perhaps as a permenant outdoor fixture, please contact me. He's yours for the taking!!!

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