Saturday, July 15, 2006

Gatlinburg? I'll pass for now...

Mrs. WonderDawg and I thought we would get away for a romantic Gatlinburg 2 day trip next week. We wanted to stay on the main drag this time rather than something rustic in the Smoky Mountains like a chalet.

What could be more romantic that a jacuzzi, balcony and a nice room?

Apparently, there was a retrofit of rooms since the last we went in the Gatlinburg hotel/motel industry with jacuzzis. Or Watson's unloaded several semi truckloads at bargain rates during one of their extravaganza sales.

As evidenced the picture below, 98% of the rooms available have jacuzzis. IN THE SAME ROOM!


Can you imagine the smell of chlorine and who knows what other bacteria is lurking? For $119 per night, I could camp out in my own bathroom.

We'll pass and go the chalet route. In the fall. With a jacuzzi. In the next room.

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