Saturday, September 17, 2005

Day 17 of 100 blogs in 100 days

Here I am in Ontario, Canada on day 17 of visiting 100 blogs in 100 days hanging out at Lianne's Lair.

I am convinced that all worthwhile Flash animations, cool games, time wasters, interactive art programs and drawing sites on the internet must first clear Canadian Customs via Lianne.

She has the inside track and how she gets the content first is a secret - I was embarrassed to send her a link to a pretty hip Stomp Flash ditty, but she already had it covered on her August 31st posting. I'm telling you, this gal not only has the discipline to post something new every day, but can filter thru the junk as well. So tell your friends to quit cluttering the email inbox - Lianne's Lair is the place to go for daily net entertainment.

Lianne has a pretty good noggin on her shoulders for tech stuff as well. She's a contributing editor for KickStart News, which is a daily site for all things about "software, hardware, book reviews for SOHO, home-office & small business computer users—PC, Mac, Palm OS & Pocket PC.

Kickstartnews Posted by Picasa

Our goal is to inform & excite consumers about genuinely useful, well designed and worthwhile products. We want to provide consumers with the information they need to make the best product buying decisions. Reviews are published biweekly."

There is also a weekly podcast with spirited and useful discussions. that you can subscribe to as well on either the blog or the site.

So you can tell I'm big on this blog, not because Lianne gave me my first GMail account, or encouraged me to keep blogging when I was a greenie weenie in March - it's just a fun blog - kinda like walking into a arcade and playing all the games at no charge - Have fun and bookmark Lianne's Lair.

Thanks Lianne for letting me hang out - you'll alway be number one in my blog neighborhood -

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Lianne said...

Well hey Kerry - you are more than welcome. Thanks for the nod too, I'm flattered.