Wednesday, July 06, 2005

On vacation - (sort of)

Currently I am vacationing (sort of) in Nashville enjoying the time with my family, visiting old friends, watching movies, running with my two dogs, shooting off fireworks in the backyard, building stuff, taking care of my honey do list, visiting the local Palm Users Group as they talk about blogging and encouraging the local volunteer leadership team in preparations for the upcoming Promise Keepers Nashville conference. Aaah logistics, I loves it...

Ever wonder how 52,000 men get fed in 30 minutes with no trash? - stay tuned; I plan to write a series of postings on the logistics of staging a Promise Keepers conference.

The WonderDawg blog will return to full tilt boogie status next week. Thanks for visiting!

Meanwhile, every dawg need a little R&R time on the couch which is where I am headed.

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