Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blogging: Greek to some, a mystery to others

Blogging 101 Posted by Hello

Blogging is difficult to explain at times - it's Greek to some, a mystery to others. So when you can't explain it - just point the inquring mind to these resources:

"Although a growing trend, blogging remains a mystery to many of us. Here's some help to de-mystify this phenomenon."
Blogging 101 PDF

However, don't be discouraged if you are trying to share your passion about blogging inside of a business; most people following their human nature are generally resistant to what they don't understand - (or not willing to listen to!)

How to persuade a business to blog

Anton Zuiker (part of our blogging community right here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina) shares: "Reflecting on my own experience at my new job, where I waited three months to explain how a weblog, along with a magazine, would be a great way to share loads of interesting and useful information that our own employees are clamoring for and our funding agency demands, I suggested this exercise for how a business, or a consultant advising a business, should approach blogs:

Don’t say the word ‘blog’. Don’t even mention the concept of how a frequently updated website is good practice. You’ll get your chance later. Just hold on.

Identify a reporter. Choose a mid-level employee, or if you’re a consultant, hire a freelance journalist. Give the person a notebook and pen and these instructions: Over the next week, I want you to write down all of the interesting, useful or newsworthy facts, stories or tidbits about our company that you hear or read. Go about your normal routine and attend your regular meetings. And, in your coffee room or hallway conversations, try to learn something new about the backgrounds and interests of your colleagues"

Read 6 more steps of the process here

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