Monday, July 11, 2005

Oscar Mayer - Ride of Your Life Contest

Weinermobile Posted by Picasa

Have you ever wanted to be an Oscar Mayer Weiner? Hmmm... Well how about riding in what many consider the ultimate pimped out ride of all time - the Wienermobile™. Well here's your chance! Click here for the Oscar Mayer - Contest

The Ride of Your Life should be the most fantastic day trip you can imagine! Make it whatever you want, but the key is to be specific: Be creative in your essay and tell us how you would use the Wienermobile™ and $5,000 that may be used to create the ride, where the event would occur, and who would be included.
My entry: I always been an encourager so what would be the Ride of My Life is helping a local inner city elementary school of kids in Nashville, TN by showing up in the Weinermobile for a funraiser to build playground equipment; take $4,500 and do a dollar by dollar matching grant for a back to school backpack full of school supplies. Of course I need to allocate $500 to travel down Broadway Avenue to generate media coverage, swing by Mayor Purcell's office, and the Coliseum to involve the Tennessee Titans players...

(I hope I win! - I would relish the chance to drive around Nashville, assuming my entry cuts the mustard...)

By the way, the first Wienermobile™ was created in 1936 and the current one is 55 hot dogs long (27 ft.), 18 hot dogs wide (8 ft.) and 25 hot dogs high (11ft.).

Take the tour!

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mashby said...

How weird that you should write something on this. Just YESTERDAY, I was riding my bike back to Antioch from Downtown and on the overpass over 4th avenue a policeman had pulled over the Wienermobile. I should have taken a picture, but I was too tired to turn around and go back.

Man I should have taken that picture!