Friday, November 14, 2008

Rock Band (almost addicted)

While in Atlanta for sales training on cool internet stuff, my peers ended up at Ralphie-B-Goode Cafe for some fun (really good fun) over ribs, chicken and Rock Band.


I always resisted any gaming devices because of the sheer addiction possibilities... but Rock Band hands down is the modern day party favorite! Above are my peers: Armando from Miami, Ashley from Raleigh and me, the WonderDawg. I forget the song pictured above, but I am definately out of touch on a generation's worth of music!

I just may have to start a band, or at least renovate my garage for band practice if Mrs. WonderDawg is willing to be the seamstress for the band. WOOMATIC sounds like a good name for a five piece band.

Weird that I never heard stuff like Coldplay, War Pig, some Ramones... I concluded that I am seriously too mellow or stuck in the 60 - 70 - 80's for my musical tastes.

Yeah Baby!

Thanks BossMon for a great time!

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