Saturday, November 08, 2008

Packing my gear for a road trip

Whenever I travel, I struggle with carrying far too many clothes. I have yet to crack the code for carry on luggage. I remember on one trip my roommate packed one jacket, a pair of pants and two shirts to last five days. There’s no way I could go for that – I need to have a change of outfits at a 1.5 ratio per day! Now look at this picture; granted I am on the road for an extended work trip, but I have to get a better grip on the amount of gear I carry. Do I need help or do all road worthy gadget lovers carry this much stuff?

A Road Warrior’s Dilemma

I always book a room with two beds... Evidenced by the photo below, it's my oversized credenza. The hotel staff never touch what's on that bed, so it's all cool.

Road Warrior Credenza

I have to get better carrying the essentials, but on the last road trip I left both of the iPod / iPhone chargers at home and the office. Grrrrr. I had to go to Staples and buy an overpriced charger at $30! Outrageous!

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