Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My 1st IKEA Visit

I was working in downtown Atlanta today and decided to visit IKEA. I've heard a lot about the place and the grassroots efforts to have a IKEA located in Nashville. I've put together some bookshelves before and even have a catalog that my son mailed from Seattle.

No doubt IKEA was a sprawling complex from the underground parking to the wide open showroom configurations of ready to buy kitchen, living room and bedroom bundles. It reminded me of a Target like, Rooms to Go, Sam's Club shopping experience hybrid.

Still, I was not moved to buy anything. Perhaps I was disappointed with the home office setups, or the one piece that would fit well into my existing hodgepodge of a Norwalk desk, cables, and homemade furniture along with a massive display table from a clothing store that measures 48 by 60.

I walked away feeling somewhat proud of not buying anything for the sake of spending money, but yet didn't see what what all the fuss was about.

It had to be my hurting feet...

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