Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day 59 of 366 for 2008

The cool cats over at Nashville’s Hammock Publishing have a 16-year-old annual tradition of giving out T-shirts to the people they work with throughout the year. I got to meet Rex, Megan, Laura, and others via the world of blogging. One of my fondest memories was meeting Summer and Cole via Thunder (the blog dog) which you can read about: here - Thunder, The Christmas Miracle Story of 2006 and at the RexBlog

This year Hammock Publishing added a new twist to that tradition: T-shirt+Photo=Laptop. Wear the t-shirt, add a photo to the map on their web site and they wil donate a laptop to the educational efforts of the One Laptop Per Child Foundation in developing countries.

A great way to make a difference! So here's my contribution to add to the map in front of Jerry Yang's place in Santa Clara:

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