Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving Thanks Always with a Grateful Heart

I'm giving thanks with a grateful heart A to Z this thanksgiving season - this is a repost (slightly updated) from the last two years, so I'm glad things are stable. 2007 has been full of extreme challenges, but on the upside, with my son Gary getting married to Nora and giving away my daughter Megan to Chris, I am a blessed man. The kids are gone, but I have my health and my precious bride of 28 years, Becky. Pretty amazing that over half of my life has been with the same woman. I hear that the second twenty five years are awesome!

A - Ally my lab dog and faithful companion for over 10 years - she has a vocabulary of 20 sign language words and just sweet as she can be!

B - For my wife Becky of 28 years - I love her so much for her friendship, insight and faithfulness to truth and for loving me always.

C - Christmas, when Christ was born in a manger.

D - Diggy, my grand dog... smart and loves to play.

E - Ears to hear and eyes to see.

F - Frank, my next door neighbor who been like a father to me for 22 years. Frank taught me to garden, fix cars and generally is always there as a good neighbor.

G - Gary - my son - I am so proud of him and seeing him grow up and embrace his destiny into Christlikeness. He's serving in the Air Force now and married to Nora!

H - Home. Great to be home after commuting for 14 months. Its been 14 months now that I've been back. Never again will I be separated from my family for work. Updated: I'm done with startup companies - they are fun while they last; problem is they don't last! I'm wary of companies whose sole business plan is to raise money. I am amazed of how quickly money can be mishandled and burned quickly.

I - Insight and inventive thoughts.

J - Jesus Christ, my rock and salvation who models excellence and agape love.

K - Kerry, grateful that I have a name and was not aborted.

L - Love covers a multitude of sins.

M - Megan, my precious daughter. She is sweet with a big heart. Married to Chris Corley, I'm confident that she will be honored and cherished for life.

N - Nashville. I love this city so much - the people, community and wealth of treasures around every corner.

O - Opportunity in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

P - My parents who sacrifice greatly to raise a big family, always making sure we had food and education.

Q - Quiet moments alone with God and away from the rush of the world. I can't get enough time lately and it shows.

R - Relationships... we were not meant to be alone.

S - Stability; worth pursuing, nice to have.

T - Time to do all the things I want to do.

U - Understanding; how sad to hear and not understand.

V - Volunteering; what a joy it is to serve others.

W - The extended Woo family; 3 brothers and 3 sisters scattered around the country. Trivia: I'm Kerry; there's Jerry, Terry and Harry (my son is Gary) and sisters Emily, Lily and Sally (daughter is Megan - it's a Thornsbird thing.)

X - X marks the spot; to be in center of God's will for my life.

Y - Today's youth, who are passionate for life.

Z - Zest and Z's

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GingerSnaps said...

This was a beautiful post. I hope you & yours had a wonderful holiday.

Ok, I must inform you that you have been tagged by me to do a meme (today's your lucky day!) :)