Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sync your mobile digital lifestyle: The Ford Focus | Sync Review

[I wrote a monster post with lots of photos over at GearDiary on the introduction of the new Ford / Microsoft Sync technology...]

GearDiary was invited to join traditional media and automobile journalists to experience the launch of the redesigned Ford Focus and Ford Sync™. Hosted in Seattle, Washington by Ford Motor Company and Microsoft, the program included significant drive time with the Focus vehicle, demonstration of the Sync technology and a visit to the Microsoft campus to view the House of the Future. Geekness and coolness personified :!: .

Sync is the newest mobile technology to emerge from the Ford-Microsoft relationship. Debuting in the 2008 Ford Focus automobile, Ford Sync is a fully integrated, flash memory-based system that allows the driver to use their Bluetooth phones hands-free. Additionally, music players such as the Zune or iPod can be controlled via voice commands and buttons mounted on the steering wheel.

Sync General

Read more of the article at GearDiary.com

See the Flickr Set of the trip.

Big shout outs go to my pilot and navigator David Goodspeed of Auto World Today that I met in Seattle:

and new friends Maggie Fox and Collin Douma of Social Media Group and my Editor / Friend at GearDiary, Judie Lipsett for making this trip possible!

Ya'll R O C K !

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maggie fox said...

It was great to meet you, Kerry - thanks for coming along & glad to hear you had a nice time!