Friday, October 12, 2007

The Last Palm Users Group bids farewell

The next Nashville Palm Users Group meeting is Saturday, October 13th at 10:00am.

Please note that we will be meeting at:

Vineyard Christian Fellowship
1400 Donelson Pike # A3
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 360-8463
Google Map

Our F I N A L Meeting

This is it — the final meeting of the Nashville Palm Users group. After 8 years, we’ve had over 80 monthly meetings and spent approximately 240 hours talking about Palm OS face-to- face; posted over 2,300 online discussions, served up terabytes of bandwidth and exchanged countless e-mails and it all comes to an end this Saturday.

But we’re going out with a bang!

This Saturday is a celebration, a celebration of our love of Palm OS and all the many years that we’ve shared maximizing our use of our beloved PDAs and Smartphones. We will take our usual look at the current state of the Palm OS landscape and a peek at what we think will be coming down the pike in the future, but for the first time, we’ll take look back.

Yes, it’s been 8 years since we started NPUG and along the way, we’ve collected a lot of photos, audio clips, presentations and even video clips. So we’ll take a few minutes to look back and talk about some of the highlights we’ve had along the way. We’re gonna party like it’s 1999 all over again.

And speaking of party, it wouldn’t be one if there weren’t presents! Our resident “Prize Pimp;, Randy Jones, has done an outstanding job of obtaining over $2000 worth of door prizes for the meeting. You may have heard me say this before, but it’s never been more true - if ever there way an NPUG meeting you didn’t want to miss, this is it. We have over 100 door prizes to give away, including a Treo 680, so rest assured, if you come to the meeting this Saturday, you’re going to go home with plenty of loot.

So why not join us in a fond farewell as we celebrate the past 8 years and passion that we’ve shared with Palm OS? You definitely won’t leave empty handed — even if it is sticky from all the Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


Date: Saturday, July 13th, 2007
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Vineyard Christian Fellowship
1400 Donelson Pike # A3
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 360-8463

For all the details for the meeting, including maps and directions, please visit our web site

Google Map

1. Welcome & Announcements
After welcoming everyone to the meeting, we give a quick update on what's new with the user group. This include membership, web site updates, where our geocache bug tracker is, etc.

2. What's Happening In Palm OS?
Each month we cover everything that's happened over the past month with Palm OS. We discuss the handhelds, new cool software and what to look for in the future.

3. What's On Your Palm?
Our very own Fred Heumann asks the question, "What's On Your Palm?" and shares what are some of the latest, best and sometimes unusual programs for your Palm.


4. A Look Back
We’ve taken a lot of photos, audio and video along the way. In our final meeting, we take a look back and reflect on what a fun ride it’s been.

5. Giveaways
In looking over the list, we may need to use the entire meeting to do nothing but giveaways. There’s just so MUCH to hand out!

Special thank you to every sponsor listed on this page — it’s because of your willingness to support your fanatical customers that we were able to last as long as we did. Thank you.

Courtesy of Palm, Inc.
- 1 Palm Treo 680 (AT&T)
- 1 Palm Keyboard
- Plenty of Palm T-Shirts

Courtesy of Astraware
- 25 copies of Astraware Solitaire

Courtesy of SplashData
- 25 copies of Snap

Courtesy of Pimlico Software
- 10 copies of DbFixIt

Courtesy of CrazySoft
- 4 copies of The Final Battle

Courtesy of Creative Algorithms
- 2 copies of Trip Boss
- 2 copies of Date Wheel

Courtesy of Northglide
- 3 copies of Cloner
- 1 copy of Uninstall Manager
- 1 copy of OnGuard Backup

Courtesy of LDW
- 3 copies of Village Sim
- 3 copies of Fish Tycoon

Courtesy of PalmPowerups
- 2 copies of Winners Choice

Courtesy of HobbyistSoftware
- 1 copy of Initiate Pro

Courtesy of Resco
- 2 copies of Winners Choice

Courtesy of Blue Nomad
- 1 copy of BackupBuddy for Windows/Mac
- 1 copy of BackupBuddy VFS Pro
- 1 copy of Nomad Security Suite Plus

Courtesy of Megasoft2000
- 4 copies of Winners Choice

Courtesy of DataViz
- 1 copy of Documents To Go-Premium Edition

Courtesy of 79bmedia
- 2 copies of Skinner (Treo Users Only)
For Treo users ONLY

Courtesy of Natara Software
- 2 copies of DayNotez
- 3 copies of Comet with Desktop Edition (Treo Users Only)

Palm-fully yours,

Michael T. Ashby
Nashville Palm Users Group

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