Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Dallas Cowboys Double Dagger

I've been a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan since the Ice Bowl, enjoyed some great wins, tough losses, a 1-15 season... but I still keep the faith for my 'Boys. More satisfying than twenty Washington Redskins victories was tonight's Monday Night Football improbable win against all odds.


Tony Romo had a rough night with five interceptions, a fumble... and no love from the graphics guy... This screen flashed up for 2 seconds:

Nonetheless, the team was resilient, defense was awesome, the players never panicked or choked, played to the very end with 00:01 on the clock and delivered a victory worthy of NFL folklore for the ages against all odds.

From the NFL Wire:
It was over when ...
Nick Folk kicked a 53-yard field goal (twice ... after Dick Jauron called a timeout just prior to the first attempt) as time expired to give the Cowboys the improbable win. The Bills appeared to win the game when Jabari Greer ripped the ball out of Terrell Owens' hands on the Cowboys two-point conversion attempt with 20 seconds left. But Dallas tight end Tony Curtis recovered the onside kick to set up the Cowboys' game-winning drive. Of course, the Cowboys were able to stay in the game after Trent Edwards threw an interception near the end zone with six minutes left. The Bills could have held on for the win if they had simply rushed the ball and settled for a reasonable field goal attempt.

Folk not only made the game-winning kick, but also executed the perfect onsides kick.

A game for the ages... The Buffalo Bills' fans had the Music City Miracle back in 1999 - tonite, a double kick to the teeth: Nick Folk's two 53-yard field goals. Let's call it the Dallas Double Dagger: a 106 yard field goal long enough and deep enough to cut deep any football fan's heart.


Michael said...

It's OK....y'all still have at least two losses coming to the Redskins....:)

Kerry Woo said...

OK Michael... Hmmm, I'm up for a BBQ wager. Where is the Mothership BBQ when you need to cash in on a bet?