Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sweet Dogs - (loving it)

As a dog lover, this video by Ane Trolle with Pato Siebenhaar over a reggae track resonates with me this morning. Enjoy!

Web site:

"Magic often strikes by chance. Which is also true in the case of Trolle//Siebenhaar. The two artists Martin Siebenhaar and Ane Trolle met by chance through common friends at the reggae club Ruba Dub Sundays. A gray and boring week-night Trolle swung by Siebenhaars flat without the slightest idea of what this meeting would bring. Soon the flat was steaming with dusty beats and rousing soul vocals. A new Danish sound was born."

Fun stuff !


Almost Vegetarian said...

That is just charming. And a pleasure to watch this morning (and you are right; it is perfect over a morning coffee).


Pato said...

Hehehe.. We thank you a lot. It's vain but yes, we google ourselves and it's always nice to find people who dig and understand what we got going.

Much love from Copenhagen!

- T//S.