Sunday, June 17, 2007

iPhone - who's on?

I'm looking forward to the launch of the iPhone - Sure the value proposition is nowhere near the hype - if I wanted to buy a separate iPod and continue using either my Blackjack or Treos, the deal is better - but I am curious who will be in line to snag the new iPhones on Day One. Whether I myself hold one in my hands remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: I'll have my camera ready just in case I see any folks camping out overnight.

Some headlines:
M:Metrics reports that consumer awareness of the iPhone is strong--64 percent of Americans are aware of the iPhone as are 56 percent of Brits.

- Fierce Wireless

And from TechWireless:

So, you want an iPhone, do you? I can't blame you, we've only been talking about the thingevery single day for the last few months here at DailyTechRag. As we've mentioned, however, there aren't likely to be enough iPhones on shelves to meet demand come the 29th, so you might want to start planning out your strategy for the launch now. Here are some helpful tips:

The iPhone will only be available at company-owned AT&T retail stores, Apple stores and on Apple's website.

Just because a store sports AT&T/Cingular signage, doesn't mean that it's company-owned. There are only about 1,800 company-owned retail stores in the U.S., so confirm with your intended point of pick-up ahead of time or use this store locator (look for stores that are not labeled as "AT&T authorized retailers").

While Apple has officially barred resellers from taking iPhone pre-orders, a lot of AT&T stores have set up wait lists anyway. Stop by your local store and find out if they have a list--act fast, as many of these lists are already filling up.

You'll need an iTunes account to set up your iPhone, so make sure that you have one set up ahead of time.

Really want an iPhone? If you can't get on a wait list, your best bet is probably camping out outside of an AT&T store (Apple stores will reportedly have fewer units on the 29th). Hey, no one ever said this was going to be easy.

ZDNet The great iPhone hunt of 2007


Gerald Buckley said...

Friggin A bubba. I'll answer my new iPhone at 7 pm central June 29. Call 918-813-9745. You'll hear the smile on my face.

mDave said...

I'm an Apple Fanboy and I admit it. Love my Nokia 6600 but when I heard of the iPhone I held off upgrading. To be honest no other phone really offers what I was looking for. This is as close as I can get. So yes I'm taking the day off and got my money saved. I'll blog about it at the website that night.